Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power, COGEN or CHP) is world recognized as an efficient, reliable process for recycling energy for heating and cooling processes. Low operating costs, quantifiable environmental benefits and government recognition are leading to a surge in the number of COGEN plants in Australia.

With enormous opportunities emerging in the renewable energy field, Sedatech is actively establishing itself as a specialist COGEN and Trigeneration provider.

Our in house design expertise, coupled with our HVAC construction experience, enables us to offer fully designed, installed and commissioned COGEN solutions for clients.

We provide our clients with hands on support throughout the project and offer maintenance and support throughout the asset lifecycle. The commissioning process for these complicated projects is a critical delivery component. Our wholly owned commissioning company, Seda Services, is involved from inception to completion, ensuring the systems are brought online smoothly and on time. Seda stays with the project for as long as necessary to ensure it operates at optimum efficiency for the client.

Sedatech has played a key role in Westfield’s $1.2 billion redevelopment of the Westfield Sydney retail and office precincts. As the design and construct contractor for the COGEN plant powering all three areas (Retail Precinct, 100 Market Office Tower & 85 Castlereagh St Office Tower), Sedatech have implemented an industry leading 3.6 MW system.